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Integration possibilities

Our solutions are offered turn-key and ready to use.

Most functionalities can also extend existing subtitle, planning or management environments.

We offer integration services and possibilities using REST APIs.
We help you integrate


Our eCaption solutions are complete and operational web and cloud-based systems that do not require any on-site installations or integration.

In some cases it might be useful or even required to integrate eCaption within an already available planning, management or production environment. For example to control eCaption from external dashboards or controllers and/or to report eCaption results and management information.

Another possibility is to use just specific components (functions) of eCaption and integrate these within existing technical environments or to link them to existing software solutions.

In all cases we recommend to start such integration with a definition study. Here we clearly define the current and new processes together with our clients. That includes the business processes, technical process flows, and requirements for the final integration.

Available features

  • FTP integration to automatically load new videos into eCaption and download the results
  • All eCaption solutions can be integrated within our client’s environment on technical or business process level (or both);
  • We support REST APIs for technical integration;
  • We offer definition studies to mutually describe the new business and technical processes to assure a successful integration.