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Subtitle Easy, Fast and at Any Location

eCaption is fully cloud and web-based solution to create subtitles.It is easy to use, adds efficiency to your subtitling process and can be used from any location where there is a PC with a web-browser and internet connection.

eCaption is for the individual subtitler, freelancer, as well as for small, medium and large subtitle companies.

It supports multiple users that can make use of eCaption in a single account forming groups of users. It supports multiple levels, roles and rights for users, multiple groups to separate clients or profiles, and comes with a powerful though easy to use management dashboard to manage your programs, subtitle jobs, editors, planning and deadlines.



Management & Planning Dashboard

eCaption provides information for planners, managing editors and even optional statistical information for subtitling companies.

Manage your programs, subtitling jobs, status, deadlines and editors from a powerful but easy to use dashboard.

It is possible to integrate the eCaption dashboard functionalities within your existing planning and management tools or environment to control eCaption externally, or to export management information.





Export formats and Social Media integration

eCaption can export subtitles in multiple formats like the EBU-STL, EBU-TT and SRT formats.
Other (optional) export formats are timed text (XML), text and grouped time text formats.
eCaption can be linked to your Youtube channel, Facebook page(s) and other social media channels to subtitle your social media videos.



eCaption offers multiple levels of security. The entire solution runs in secured Microsoft Azure cloudserver environments to protect your data. Access control for users can be username and password or 2-step authentication using an additional authentication token.



There are no costs involved to use or have access to eCaption. You only pay as you go when loading new program information (videos). There is no restriction in the number of users or groups you add, no initial investments required, no local software to be installed and maintained, and no licenses per PC or user.


Global usage and Central Management

Users (editors) can be located around the globe. There is no requirement to remotely assign users or freelancers using emails, dropboxes or ftp servers. All is controlled and managed from the central eCaption dashboard and assigned editors can start working on their subtitling job straight away.

eCaption in 3 steps

Plan and Assign

eCaption processes and analyses every loaded video. It provides valuable information for planners and managing editors to assign subtitle jobs to editors.

Edit your text

Editors (subtitlers) will create the subtitle text. Many text is already provided to help the editor in completing the subtitle text.

Finalize subtitles

eCaption will generate and time the subtitles. After a brief verification the subtitles can be finalized and exported into multiple subtitle formats.