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About OptiSpeech

OptiSpeech is a technology company committed to maximising the use of speech information.


We offer easy to use and efficient subtitling creation solutions including management and planning dashboards, indexation solutions, dictation options, archiving, and search engines for speech (e.g. call centres or audio/video storage and search).

OptiSpeech’ solutions are cloud and webbased, turn-key and we support most European and international languages.

All our solutions can also be integrated within your own IT environments.

For organisations that want to assess what value speech can offer them, OptiSpeech has developed a service that can determine the quality, volume and applicability called SpeechScan. For implementations in your organisation and/or workflow automation, we have our own team of experts.


OptiSpeech was founded 15 years ago and is market leader for the semi-automatic generation of subtitles. We are located nearby Amsterdam. The company has more than 45 enthusiastic, customer-friendly and experienced employees, which enables us to offer our customers fast and efficient support, even 24/7, if you wish.