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Online Subtitling & Indexation Solutions.
Efficient, Easy to Use, Anywhere, by Everyone

Easy add subtitles to all your content

Social Media, Youtube, on demand videos and traditional TV. The need for subtitles is growing.

Add content to your promotional videos. Subtitle your Facebook and Youtube videos.

Let people watch your clips also without audio like in public areas.


But hey, you don’t need to be a professional to create subtitles.

Use eCaption’s web version and simply create your own subtitled videos.

Everybody can do do it !!

80% of the world's information is spoken

80% of the world’s information is spoken…

It’s time to unleash this potential to the world. Everyone deserves access to spoken information, and we want to subtitle everything. Yes, all of it.

Not only for the hard of hearing

Media is consumed everywhere. But you don’t always want to turn up the volume when you’re watching a video. You need subtitles to easily access and experience video on the go.

Not only for the hard of hearing

Who will benefit:

Subtitlers want to do what they love the most, write and edit.
eCaption is an easy to use web-based solution to create subtitles in an easy and efficient way at any location, even from home.
Public & Commercial Television
Broadcasters want good quality subtitles, but also want to subtitle all their material.
We provide complete solutions to create high quality subtitles in an efficient way including planning, assignment and management functionalities.
Web and cloud based, 24/7.
Video Production Companies
eCaption can assist in adding additional metadata to video productions.
Pre-and Post production data, text script information, timed text for accurate indexation and archiving and even the subtitles in multiple languages and formats.
Commercial companies (promotional videos)
More and more companies, retailers, etc create promotional videos for online platforms like YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook.
With eCaption it is easy to add subtitles to these videos, even by the companies themselves.
We provide in and export functions to YouTube and Facebook to publish your subtitled videos directly.

Web editor


Subtitling should be easy and fun, not laborious and tedious. Our web-based solutions only require a PC and web-browser. That’s it !!

Community driven


eCaption includes planning, assignment and controller dashboards to control and manage the processes, users and rights around subtitling

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What would you subtitle?

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